Choosing the right AV Company


Why us?

When upgrading your home technology systems it is important it is to select the correct AV integration company. We encourage our customers to take the time and ask all the questions they want, in order to make the right decision. The two founders of H&H Audio Visual have 20 years combined experience in the high end Audio visual industry and our engineers are all fully trained and insured. Everyone here at H&H Audio Visual is passionate about AV and keeps at the forefront of new technologies. All the products we have specified have been tested by us to check they match our high standards. At H&H Audio Visual we pride ourselves not only in the service we give when handling a project but also the after sales service that we offer long after the project is finished. Below we have listed some other important factors to consider when choosing the right AV/Home Technology integrator for you.

Quality and Value:

A common mistake is to assume that going with the highest quote will give you the best system. Some companies tend to over specify jobs which can lead to unnecessary complications. H&H Audio Visual prides itself in offering the best value, but still delivering a system which works perfectly and is easy to use. It is important when comparing AV proposals to ensure you are comparing ‘apples with apples’.With this in mind, we are more than happy to look at competing proposals and point out the differences in an objective manner. Many companies quote low in order to win the business and add more during the project. It is important to us we stick to our word and spend extra time in the quoting stages ensuring every base is covered, so there will be no major extra cost to worry about down the line.

Open Communication:

We are aware that sometimes home technology can seem confusing. Our highly experienced AV consultants don't use complicated industry jargon when speaking with you. They will instead explain exactly what these systems can do for you. Of course ask as many questions as you like, we want you to feel comfortable with the system and our service.

Your Budget is our Budget:

Let’s be honest here, there is no point in overselling. We will only specify solutions that are within your budget and your expectations.

Not Sales People but AV Consultants:

H&H has a long-standing clients base and the majority of our business comes from recommendations - because we do not sell to our customers, we consult them. We feel that an honest approach is best when it comes to these systems, it is the value we base our business on.

Ease of use:

The first consideration is always “will this be easy for this particular customer to use?” This is always a top priority, from the planning stages to final system handover.  H&H Audio Visual only employ people that are experts in their field and all system programming is completed in-house. We don’t rely on third party programmers to design and program our systems. Other companies who use these external programmers neglect to tell you about the exorbitant fees you will incur if you want to make slight change to the system in the future.

We work with your Designers and Architects:

H&H AV has years of experience with interior designers, architects and general contractors. We are experts in hidden AV, meaning the AV can stand out or blend in, depending on you and your designer’s and architect’s wishes.

One company for everything:

H&H Audio Visual cover all areas of your home technology – such as multi-room audio, control systems, centralised distribution, HD video distribution, HVAC integration, home cinema, networking & wifi, lighting & blind control, hidden AV, CCTV, door entry and phone systems.

 We are authotised Cedia members

The Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) is the international trade organisation for the home technology industry. CEDIA Members specialise in the planning, design, supply and installation of automated electronic systems for the modern, intelligent home. They can install anything from multi-room audio and home cinema systems to complete home networks and sub-systems which intelligently control lighting, security and HVAC.

Why choose a CEDIA member?

CEDIA members specialise in planning, design, supply and installation of automated systems for the modern, intelligent home.
CEDIA companies adhere to a strict code of professional principles and ethics, giving you peace of mind.
CEDIA companies participate in continuing education and training on the latest technologies and techniques as well as client liaison, standards and legal issues.
CEDIA members benefit from shared experience and information.


We hope that with this little summary of what makes us a unique business you can see why we are so valued by our customers and therefore consider us to take on your project. If you have any further questions please do feel free to contact us. Thank you.

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