Multi-room Audio

Whether you like listening to music in the kitchen whilst cooking, or the radio in the bathroom whilst showering - our Multi-Room Audio systems synchronise perfectly with your lifestyle.

HD Video Distribution

Our video distribution systems allow you to pause and move to any other Television continuing where you left off. We will also ensure you have HD quality video on all of your Televisions, guaranteeing you are getting the best picture quality possible.

Home Cinema

Whether it’s a basic surround sound system in the Family room or a dedicated THX Cinema room, we can design a system perfect for you and your family. Popcorn makers not included.

Control Systems

We supply and install reliable, user-friendly systems that put an end to using countless remote controls. With just one device, anyone in your family can operate the entertainment system, lights, heating or view the CCTV cameras in your home.

Wifi & Network

A network is a home’s central nervous system. We will create and install a solid and reliable future- proof network, that offers you comprehensive Wi-Fi connectivity when you need it most.


A fully integrated, energy efficient and elegant lighting system that you can control throughout your home by pressing a single button. Not a ‘Tomorrow’s World’ feature, but a reality that we can custom design for your property.

Telephone Systems

Our customised phone systems can meet a range of needs, from intercom systems and conference facilities to monitoring the kids' nursery from your mobile.

Door Entry Systems

Our entry systems can be customised to your specific needs. We can integrate your doorbell with your mobile, letting you to see who’s at the door and allow them entry if required. Or we can program your doorbell to pause the music system so you never miss a visitor, no matter how loud you like your music.

CCTV Systems

With cameras around your home, you can monitor your property whether you’re on the sofa or halfway around the globe. A secure home means peace of mind for you and your family. And what's more important than that.