DSL Flatsub Subwoofers

DSL Flat Sub

The Flatsub 8 is a new unique active sub. It is designed to hang on a wall, but can also be placed on the floor, for example under a sofa. 
A small giant, a big bass sound in a small box. 
The Flatsub 8 matches all DLS speakers superbly. Thanks to the variable volume level, the the low-pass filter along with the phase shift control, you can adapt it to any listening environment and any speaker setup. DSL Flat Sub8

The subwoofer cabinet is available in White Silk and Piano Black and all subwoofers come with both a white and a black grille.

DLS Flatsub 8 4

No more wires! All cabling is neatly hidden behind the subwoofer

DLS FlatSub 8 London

Adjustable wall bracket! 
By moving the bracket on the back of the subwoofer, it can be hung horizontally or vertically. 

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