Tidy up the cables behind your wall mounted television

Sync-box the Only Fully Recessed TV Outlet and Wall Socket

What is sync-box?  Sync-box is designed around a standard double socket space. This minimizes structural changes and enables the recessed tv outlet to be fitted retrospectively.

 SYN BOX+1 clipped rev 1With Sync-box all your cable connections are recessed, so your flat screen doesn’t have to sit away from the wall.
 SYN BOX 2 clipped rev 1Recessed power outlet, recessed TV point or recessed power outlet & AV, it’s your call because Sync-box is designed around the standard 100mm x 50mm Euro Module system which is yours to adapt for your bespoke requirement.
 SYN BOX 3 clipped rev 1Sync-box comes with a unique flat blanking plate for when the screen is removed or indeed if the screen is mounted to a swing bracket, exposing the wall behind. The blanking plate has been specifically designed to look modern and stylish in the home.


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Posted by H&H Audio Visual on 13 February 2014