Discreet Home Cinema - London UK

CEDIA 2016 Finalist - 'Best Home Cinema Under £40,000 '

Discreet Home Cinema - London UK - CEDIA Awards 2016 Finalist - Best Home Cinema Under £40,000

Our design specified a 55’’ UHD Samsung television and Epson Laser projector paired with an acoustically transparent in-ceiling projector screen. Both screens have access to the centrally located sources, Sky+HD, Apple TV, Blu-ray, as well as a local HDMI connection point for gaming consoles. An Epson laser projector was chosen because of its extremely fast start up time and its long life lends itself well to television content, something that previous generations of xeon lamp based projectors struggled to deliver.

The speaker system was designed in collaboration with the team at Artcoustic and we made a 3D drawing of the room to demonstrate the concept to the customer. A high end Marantz SR7010 AV receiver provides 200W to each of the 7 speakers. The excellent speaker sensitivity 98dB of the Artcoustic 40-30 SL 6-3 allowed us to easily obtain reference level SPL of 85dB with 20dB headroom. An additional advantage of choosing Artcoustic is the ability to select a RAL colour chosen by the designers, the speaker fabric was also chosen to match as closely as possible. The wall mounted Artcoustic Impact 1 Subwoofer was also RAL colour matched to the interior designer’s preference.  The end result was acoustically balanced speaker system that matches the rooms aesthetic perfectly.

For our integration system we selected a Savant Pro system.  This allowed full integration between the AV system, Rako lighting and window treatment in the room.  One of the key factors in selecting Savant Pro for the control system is the ability for the users to set their own scenes.  These scenes can comprise of lightning pre-sets, AV pre-sets and window treatment.  This allows the client to create Savant scenes ‘on-the-fly’ and to manage all of these systems from a single button press.  In addition to the user customisation, the Savant Pro app is perfectly simple and can be installed on virtually as many smartphones and tablets as the client requires.   

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